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Lone Survivor: A Review

Posted By on January 10, 2014

I saw Lone Survivor last night, and it is, in my opinion, a great film and an incredible tribute to the men who died that day.

While I won’t get into spoilers, suffice it to say that it is a heart-wrenching movie from start to finish, driven home at the end by a montage of family pictures and video of the fallen. The brutal reality that this. . .was real.

In speaking of reality, it is important to note that Lone Survivor is not a documentary but a dramatization of the events of that day–and anyone who has read Luttrell’s book(upon which the film was based) will quickly recognize the deviations. Having seen it, however, I don’t feel that the artistic license taken detracts from the bravery and sincerity of the portrayal.  Director Peter Berg and his cast truly did a tremendous job of bringing this story to the screen.

I do highly recommend reading the true story of Operation Red Wings before you go–it will deepen your appreciation for what you see and fill in gaps left by the film’s narrative.

It is important, in conclusion, not to view this film as entertainment. This isn’t another action movie, but a tribute to men who lived–and died–as brothers.

And as Lone Survivor opens across the country today, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and comrades of the fallen as they contend with the memories this film brings once again to the fore. May God bless you all for what you have sacrificed.


4 Responses to “Lone Survivor: A Review”

  1. Tex says:

    Thank you Stephen….

  2. Scott Rigg says:

    On target !! Thank you Stephen !

  3. Thank you, Stephen, Well said.

    When people first asked us if we liked the movie I was dumbsruck because that’s not the word I’d use to describe how I felt about it. As my grandaughter, Chelsea , Dan’s oldest girl, said, ” What people may see as entertainment is our famiy’s worst nightmare.” So I greatly appreciate you pointing out that this is more a tribute then entertainment. Thank you for that.

    From all I have read today and in the past few weeks, most of those who have seen the movie are moved by it it and have seen this as a way of honoring the men or ORW. And at the same time are riveted to their seats because its so powerful and intense.

    God Bless You All.

  4. MyOpinion says:

    I very much liked the movie. But, I thought of a plan that may have saved all of them. The soldiers didn’t want to tie up the villagers who stumbled upon them because they would freeze and be eaten by wolves. I think they could have tied up the old man, the young boy, and taken the older boy with them because he is the strongest. When the soldiers got to their extraction point, they could have then released the boy, who would have gotten back to the other two, untied them, and waaalaaaa…everyone lives.

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