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Stephen England is the author of the bestselling Shadow Warriors thrillers, including Amazon’s #1 Bestselling Political Thriller, Pandora’s Grave, and its long-awaited sequel, Day of Reckoning–a novel hailed as “the perfect spy thriller for our time–chaotic, cynical, with only a few good men keeping the barbarians from the gate.”

Drawing upon nearly a decade of research into the nature of Islam, the Middle East, espionage and counterterrorism operations, England’s work has drawn praise for breathing new life into the genre with the hard-edged, unsparing realism of his portrayal of the war on terror, the people who wage it, and the moral and psychological costs exacted of those who take the war to the enemy where he lives. “Soldiers without uniforms. Fighting a war without end. Shadow warriors. . .”

The short stories NIGHTSHADE and TALISMAN round out the Shadow Warriors series, and England’s work also includes the stand-alone historical adventure novel, Sword of Neamha.


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  1. Donna Culberson says:

    I know your Mom is very proud of you Stephen and so am I! You have grown into a terrific young man with a great talent. While I did not read your first novel, I am really looking forward to Pandoras Grave. I can’t wait to get my hands on that book.

  2. Onisha Ellis says:

    Hi. I sent out a tweet that I was looking for an epionage thriller in audiobook by an indieauthor. Brad Thor recomended you. Do you have a book at audible? I didn’t see one on your website.

    Best of luck with your work.

  3. Tyler Donoghue says:

    Mr. England,

    I am a die hard political and Spec Ops thriller lover! Vince Flynn and Brads’ Taylor and Thor along with Dalton Fury, Alex Berenson, Ben Coes and the late Andrew Britton I have read literally hundreds of novels from this genre. After reading Pandoras Grave i fell in love with Nichols and the entire group. I was ecstatic that u have turned this into a series and even though you are knew to writing I very strongly feel that you have catapulted to the forefront of that list of authors. Your writing style is different than the typical novelss and the way you finished Pandoras Grave with the hook and dagger and gasp of breath twist was terrific!! I am writing you an official, proper email but felt that you deserved a compliment of your amazing talent where other readers who may be new to this website can see how you are received by other readers. Thank you for the entertainment and cant wait for the next book!
    – Tyler

  4. Kim Bumgardner says:

    Pandora’s Grave sounds interesting. Since I do not wish to use my credit card to purchase a book over the Internet, I’ll get one from the nearby Barnes&Nobles. Can’t wait to get hold of this book and start reading.

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  6. Ralph Davis says:

    Will there be any new Shadow Warrior novels in the immediate future?☺

  7. Stephen England says:

    Yes, Ralph. A new novella, QUICKSAND, will be out in January. Stay tuned, and sign up for the e-mail list if you haven’t already.

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