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  1. Mitzi Fields says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I am the branch manager of the Rising Sun Branch Library. I told our purchasing librarian about your new book and she would like to buy a copy for the library. Next time you are in, bring us a copy and a bill. She likes to have our local authors represented in our collection.
    Thanks for letting me know about you newest novel.
    Mitzi Fields

  2. Stephen Hello
    You were recommended to me on twitter TJProof, and your writings look great, I will get further into your site with time.
    TJProof told me that our stuff is similar so I invite you to explore my site I am writing a trilogy of middle east thrillers, the first The Taba Convention is now out (Indie thru Createspace), I have finalised editing The second The Righteous Within and am writing the third.
    I would very much like to join #Thriller Thursday, and would also like your comments on my site.
    I am also on Wattpad
    Any hints as to how to create greater awareness would be very welcome.
    All the best, Stephen Ayers

  3. Good morning Stephen,

    First, my eldest son’s name is also Stephen, as well as, my middle name, so right off the bat, I knew that your book had to become a hit!

    You and I have spoken a couple of times, on various topics on Brad Thor’s Thorum, and that is where many of my fellow Thorians highly recommended “Pandora’s Grave”.

    I finished reading your book at about 1:00AM this morning. I am an avid reader, and I read many different genres, but I can honestly say, that “Pandora’s Grave” is unequivocally, one of the finest novels of international intrigue, that I have ever read! Your syntax, and writing style are, in my opinion, right up there with the very best fiction writers. Having read and loved Brad Thor’s (12) novels, and Ben Coe’s (3) novels, I used them as my template, when analyzing your book, and I have found, that you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment, because, in my view, you stand right alongside of these two great writers.

    Now, that you have me as a devoted fan, the next book, that I will download to my Kindle is your: “Sword of Neamha”. I’m convinced, that if this novel is as well written, and as full of intrigue as “Pandora’s Grave”, I won’t be at all disappointed!

    Thank you for writing such intriguing and entertaining novels, and I hope that, these books are only the beginning for you, because you have a been given a great talent, and this type of gift does not come along every day, so it must be nurtured and expanded, so that, everyone who enjoys a great read, can have the opportunity to enjoy them, as I have, and will continue to so so!

    Finally, I also look forward to continued discussions of pertinent topics, with you, on the “Thorum”.

    May God bless you and your loved ones, and best wishes for your continued success!


    Dennis S. Kornbluth

    AKA: dennis26

  4. Good afternoon Stephen,

    I woul like to know, approximately when will “Day of Reckoning” be released for Kindle?

    Thank you my friend, and keep thrilling us with your great talent!


  5. Jesse Brown says:


    When will you have an audiobook version of your books? I do most of my reading on my 3 hour a day commute via Audiobook.

    • Stephen England says:


      Audio is definitely something I want to move toward, but it’s not on the table right at the moment. Finding the right narrator takes time.

      If you want to be notified when audio versions are available, please click on the Mailing List Sign-up tab above and add your name to the list.


  6. osasONTOLI says:


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    hankering i’ll accomodate quickly

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