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Day of Reckoning

Coming August 30th. . .A New Novel From Stephen England



There are three things you must never do.

You must never betray your country.

You must never negotiate with terrorists.

And you must never underestimate

Harry Nichols.

Do any of these, and there will be a Day of Reckoning. . .

In 2004, Tarik Abdul Muhammad was captured fighting against American forces in Afghanistan, and sent to Quantanamo Bay. He was sixteen years of age.

In 2012, a military tribunal dismissed the charges against him and he was returned to his native Pakistan.

Now, he’s back. . .

Work is well underway on Day of Reckoning, the sequel to Stephen England’s acclaimed Pandora’s Grave and the second book of the Shadow Warriors series. CIA Alpha Team Leader Harry Nichols returns, with a new mission: stop a terror attack against a major American city. There’s only one problem: he’s being hunted down by every law enforcement agency in the country. . .

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  1. Sounds awesome brutha … bring on the _DAY OF RECKONING_!


  2. Tonya Kellum says:

    Oh great teaser – can’t wait to read this.

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