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Short Stories

It occurred to me the other day that I should make it a little easier to find the short stories I’ve written on this site. So, here’s the links to all the short stories I have up on the site.

Tears for the Fallen:  A short, poignant vignette set in an English cemetery.

Deus Lo Vult:  A short story told through the eyes of a dying Crusader in Jerusalem

The Renegade: Some days you catch the bear, other days the bear catches you. It’s no different tracking down a highwayman. A short story set in medieval England.

Son of Mars: There are bonds that extend beyond the grave. Warriors, friends even in death. Ancient Rome. . .

The Storyteller: You can’t believe everything you hear. Strap in for an epic tall tale by an expert yarnspinner.

The Homecoming: Imagine coming home from war, to find everything has changed. A short story set during the English Civil War.

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  1. ilo stories says:

    I’m reading and I’m thinking. A premiere. Keep writing.

  2. Dyan Krier says:

    There’s no better way to practice the art of writing than to write a few poems and short stories. Have you ever tried your hand at them? It’s surprising the number of writers that have never done this. Instead they jump straight in with their first novel. ”

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