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Sword of Neamha

“Once we had been a nation, a people great and mighty, beloved of the gods. . .” And thus it begins, an epic tale of love and treachery, of selfless courage and devastating betrayal. . .
Almost three hundred years before Christ, northern Gaul is a dangerous place, home to warring tribes, envious chieftains, and mighty warriors. And in the midst of it all, the leaders of the Aedui have chosen to flee. A better land awaits across the waters, if only they can reach it. If only they can survive. . .
This is the story of Cadwalador, a young Gallic warrior in the retinue of Tancogeistla, heir to the Aeduan throne. The story of one man’s struggle to remain true to himself as the world crumbles around him, as loyalties change at the turning of the wind, as men claw desperately for power. For, in this new land, nothing will change. Men’s hearts do not change with the landscape. And Cadwalador will be plunged once more into the maelstrom. . . .
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  1. I was stunned by your book.. My Grandson is now serving his 3rd tour in the Army, he is 24, and a S/Sgt. he is a drone specialst, and as I read your book, I could see him there. He is in the heart of the trouble, righ now. This story was close to home that it made cry for all our men fighting fo freedom, and not just the enemy are we fighing.I really like your way of writing, and was surprised at the traitor, didn’t have that one figured out. God Bless you and keep writing…….

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