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Operation E-Book Drop–Pandora’s Grave

| May 28, 2012

This Memorial Day, I am pleased to make an announcement concerning my future plans with Pandora’s Grave. In September  of 2009, Kindle Boards author Edward Patterson launched Operation E-book Drop as a way to provide our men and women in uniform with free reading material. Since that date, the list of authors contributing to this project has grown […]

Blog Tour de Troops

| November 12, 2011

  Welcome to Blog Tour de Troops. You should have landed here from Ann Charles’ blog and please pick up the trail with Erin M. Klitze   November 11th, 1918. At 11 A.M., the War to End All Wars came to an end with the signing of the armistice between the Allies and […]

Thoughts on the 4th of July

| July 3, 2011

This year the Fourth of July has gotten me thinking. About heroism. Heroes. I’m not talking about the “super-heroes” of Hollywood, although they have done much to cheapen our image of what a hero really is.             As a kid, I know what I thought a hero looked like. John Wayne, the tough soldier that […]

Tears for the Fallen

| June 15, 2011

A chill breeze whips through the churchyard, leaves ripped free from their moorings and sent flying through the air. The harbinger of an approaching squall. Above the sky grows dark, clouds covering the face of the earth. Blocking out the light of the sun. Rain, first a few teasing drops, then more, pelting down with […]

The Veteran

| May 29, 2011

Dedicated to Sgt. Raymond Russo, USAAC, (ret.) and all who have sacrificed for our freedom.   I was in the town park late one night, Near the Fourth of July, And I saw an aged veteran, And the people passing by.   He sat all alone in the darkness, His body worn by the years, […]