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Coming next month. . .a Shadow Warriors short story. Released last fall in the  Uncommon Assasssins anthology from Smart Rhino Publications , and now being re-published as a stand-alone short story, Nightshade takes place several years before the beginning of Pandora’s Grave and introduces a new character who will play a critical role in Day of Reckoning, the next full-length novel of the series. Enjoy!


(Set several years before the beginning of Pandora’s Grave)



5:23 P.M. Local Time

Ciudad del Este



            He wasn’t supposed to be here. None of them were. That wasn’t unusual—he’d spent well over ten years of his life going places he wasn’t supposed to go, doing things he wasn’t supposed to do.

The man looked to be in his thirties, tall, at least a couple inches over six feet—his height and dark, close-trimmed beard betraying the fact that he wasn’t a local, despite the street clothes. He might have been an Arab, though—there were certainly plenty of them in the Tri-Border Area, the disputed zone between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The AK-47 assault rifle lying by the man’s side was equally common. Ciudad del Este was a nexus for weapons traffickers of all creeds and colors.

The tall man shifted his weight against the sandbags piled on the floor of the third-floor apartment, taking his eyes off the scope of the SVD Dragunov for a moment. The Russian-made Dragunov wasn’t a state-of-the-art sniper rifle, but local color was more important.

“Need a break, Harry?”

He looked down at his Doxa dive watch, then back at the muscular Asian reclining easily on the dingy apartment’s bed. “Thirty minutes on the scope, Sammy. Thirty minutes off. You know the drill. We switch in five.”

Below them, street noise drifted up through the open window, noise and the smell of rotting garbage.

Two hours.


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  2. Ann Petersen says:

    Sounds good, liked Pandora’s Grave and would like to read more about Harry’s “work” !

  3. Tonya Kellum says:

    Excellent short story Stephen and as always love reading about Harry and his team. Looking forward to the next novel in the Shadow Warriors series. Keep up the great writing.

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